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UN Ro-Ro extends rail service from Trieste

UN Ro-Ro announced 2 new extensions of its rail service from Trieste by 15th of September.

Currently running Trieste-Wels semi trailer train, UN Rail Austria Shuttle, will be increased to 6 roundtrips per week by today. UN Rail Austria Shuttle started with 3 round trips per week on 26 Nov 2013. This new schedule is daily departures from Trieste except Saturdays and from Wels except Sundays. The train is operated by Rail Cargo, and using ISU system of Rail Cargo. Thus, not only cranable trailers, but also standard trailers can be transported by this train. Click for details of announcement by UN RORO about UN Rail Austria Shuttle.

UN Ro-Ro also starts today a new semi trailer train service to Luxemburg, UN Rail Luxemburg Shuttle. This new service will be 4 roundtrips between Trieste Port and Battembourg terminal until 12 Oct 2014, and then will be increased to 6 roundtrips. UN Rail trains have 8 semi-trailer capacity, which is almost one third of the full train. Similar to UN Rail Austria Shuttle, both cranable and non-cranable trailers can be transported by this train. Click for details of announcement by UN Ro-Ro about UN Rail Luxemburg Shuttle.

Semi trailer trains from Trieste become popular in Turkey with Ekol Logistics. Now several pocket wagon trains are departing from Triste Port, some are company trains dedicated to one logistic company and others are open to all companies. These trains carry cranable and non-cranable trailers as well as the containers to several terminals in Europe.

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