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Hundreds of loco drivers to be needed

As private train operators started getting prepared and recruitments, a profession in Turkey has started to be on focus day by day: Loco drivers.

Everybody keeps their eyes on private train operators nowodays. Korfez Ulastirma got the license and became the first private train operator. Two leading companies, Argü and Omsan have started preparations as well. Some has already employed managers/specialists from railway transportation industry.

However, the biggest competition seems to be for loco drivers. These three companies are expected to control 5 million tones of rail freight. These means, only for startup, they’ll need over 100 loco drivers.

One railway manager told that the recruitment of loco drivers seems to be harder than expected. The salaries that loco drivers request may force recruitment policies of private companies.

To be a loco driver, one must graduate min from a secondary school, should have completed the loco driver basic course and must get 70 out of 100 in examination of a authorized center. In addition to these, he/she must have passed the examination specific about the infrastructure and loco that he’ll use.

Loco drivers should also have passed examination about safety management system of the company he is going to work with.

Cover Photo: Steve Hobson ©

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic career opportunity. Always wanted to be a driver!

  2. Hello
    Im a train driver from Iran, i want to know how can i enroll and work in Turkey railway?


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