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Who’ll be the first private train operator?

The last step of TCDD Tasimacilik has changed the rules of the game and everybody now keeps eyes on potential private operators.

TCDD’s decision to start renting locos and freight wagons has been one of the most critical steps of liberalization. There used to be many questions to be answered for private operators like long delivery and registration time for locomotives, need of use of diesel locos which will be useless after completion of electrification, what will be the pricing policy of TCDD Tasimacilik in coming years.

The rental of electric and diesel locos in monthly basis and any type of freight wagons in daily basis will solve many problems of private operator and ease enterance to the market.

Then who’ll be the first private train operator of Turkey? Here below are the candidates:

Omsan Logistics

Omsan, the affiliate company of Oyak Group, is the strongest candidate to be the first private operator. Oyak Group is the biggest rail client with its mining, steel and cement companies. The total rail freight is over 4 million tonnes. The iron ore transported between two affiliate companies of group on fully electrified stretch is the most important transport of Turkish Railways.


Ar-Gu, affiliate company of Arkas (Turkey’s biggest shipping company), has the largest private freight wagon fleet in Turkey. With a wagon fleet of over 700 freight wagons, Turkey’s largest rail staff and huge iron ore transport from Elazig Suveren, Ar-Gu is also expected to run private locos very soon.

KLN Logistics

KLN Logistics, affiliate company of Kolin Group is the fastest growing railway company in recent years. Having done huge investment on freight wagons and having the transports of Kolin which is the contractor of huge projects of Turkey, KLN is one of the strong candidates for being train operator.


Tupras has regular transports of oil products between Izmit and Kirikkale done with its own freight wagons. Recent steps of Tupras shows that it won’t stay only as client in rail business. Together with the rail partner, Demiryolu Logistics, Tupras may run its own locos, especially after the completion of Baskentray project and opening of Ankara railway, as Tupras wagons now follow a longer path to Kirikkale via Konya.

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