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Private operators request one loco driver

As competition warms up, request for “one-man trains” are now being heard more frequently.

Railway Transportation Association (DTD) which brings together the operators and forwarders in rail industry, declared once more their request for one loco driver in trains.

Currently, according to legislation, there must be two loco drivers and one train chief in trains. When needed, second loco driver may overtake responsibilities of train chief. One-man drive is only allowed in Turkey in HST lines with ETCS system when necessary and some suburban trains.

The private train operators kick off and need hundreds of loco drivers, they faced with difficulty in finding loco drivers. One-man drive is expected to ease loco driver recruitments as well as decrease the cost. The loco drivers are currently about 15% of total costs for private operators.

Cover Photo: Senem Ö. ©


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