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Which companies will participate in 96-HST-sets tender?

Leading rolling stock manufacturers are getting prepared for the pre-qualification tender of 96 HST sets in April.

TCDD will hold a pre- qualification tender for 96 high speed train sets on 5th of April. The tender covers technology transfer and production of high speed train sets in Turkey in cooperation with Tulomsas. The tender date had been announced as January, but postponed to April due to requests of manufacturers.

Here are the companies that are expected to participate the tender:


Alstom had already been in a tecnology transfer process for South Korea and would like to use this as an advantage. Alstom had given the best offer for 10 HST sets in 2014. The company located its regional office in Turkey and follows metro projects very closely. Alstom has decided to join its forces in railway with Siemens, but two companies are yet acting independently in Turkey.


Bombardier is known mainly in signalization and metro car projects in Turkey. Company installed the signalling system of Uskudar-Umraniye metro.


CAF was the manufacturer of first high speed trains of Turkey. CAF had given the best offer for the 10-HST-sets tender. It’s a public company of Basque region and has declared that it’s open to any cooperation with Turkish industrial companies. CAF supplied metro cars to İstanbul, suburban railcars to İzmir and trams to Antalya.


CRRC is the biggest rolling stock manufacturer of the world. China has done many investments in the region. This can be seen as an opportunity to enter European market. CRRC’s interest in Tulomsas is known for a long time. The company had been criticized for the low local production ratio of Ankara metro cars.


Rotem had founded Eurotem together with TCDD and local companies and has been awarded huge metro/suburban/tram car tenders. The company has got a big share from urban rail car tenders in last 5 years. It had been criticized for the insufficient local production and buying critical parts with high profit margins from South Korea. It should be noted that the company had started HST production by technology transfer about 10 years ago and is now a candidate for transfering its technology to Turkey.


Siemens, being the winner of the last HST tender in Turkey,  has a very strong team in Turkey. In Bangkok project, Siemens and Bozankaya act together. The company is cooperating in energy projects with Kolin and Kalyon groups both of which were also the contractor of huge public projects in Turkey. This cooperation is expected to continue in railway projects as well.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Our Government are going to open International Tender for Rail Passenger Coach very soon, meanwhile our source we has information. Please feel free to contact with us if you are really
    interest to participate this Tender.
    Looking forward to hear soon your response.
    With best and Kind regards.
    Nurul Amin.


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