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How high-speed train technology be transferred?

Next month, there’ll be pre-qualification tender for 96 high speed train sets.

The tender includes technology transfer and local production. All leading HST manufacturers are expected to participate the tender.

What does this technology transfer include? Here are answers to most frequently asked questions:

Will Turkey be able to produce its own trains?

Yes. These tender terms aim to bring Tülomsaş to a point that, the selected HST set can be produced in Turkey without any support of awarded manufacturer.

How will know-how be transferred?

All documents including the technical documents, calculations, analysis, algorithms, schemas, spects and projects will be delivered to Tülomsaş. Tülomsaş will be able to continue HST production with or without making changes on these documents.

Is technology transfer nothing more than a set of documents?

No. The awarded company will be responsible for successful production of 16 HST sets by Tülomsaş. Thus, the tender ensures a successful transfer of technology without any missing part.

Is there sufficient qualified man power in Turkey?

Maybe not sufficient, but far from nothing. Many people are working in tram production in Turkey. More are developing in Tübitak and Aselsan projects. Furthermore, the awarded company will organize 3350 man x month of education.

Will Turkey be allowed to export these sets?

Yes, no term against this.

Why would a manufacturer share its technology and create a competitor?

96 HST sets is a big order. None of the manufacturers want to stay out of it. And they’ll be paid for technology transfer. Furthermore, technology in rolling stock is changing very rapidly, new products are unveiled very frequently. In other words, the transferred technology will already be changed when these 96 sets are produced.

Does this mean that the technology we transferred will be out of date?

If we cannot improve it, yes. Because of this reason, tender covers not only learning the technology, but also production of it in Turkey. This 96-sets-order is big enough to make the suppliers improve themselves and develop new technology.

In what portion will be the local production?

In 60 sets to be produced by the awarded company should have 53% local production ratio. For the 16 local sets to be produced by Tülomsaş, the local production ratio will reach to 74%.

Is there any example of technology transfer of HSTs in the world?

Yes, Korea. The HST technology once was transferred from Alstom and Korea has its own high speed train brand, which is expected to participate the tender in April.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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