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Konak tram

  • Feb 2009: Tram line is included in strategic plan.
  • 26 Feb 2014: Tender for the tram. Gülermak is awarded. Durmazlar’s tram cars will be used. Tram line is worth TL 182 mn, tram cars are worth € 69 mn.
  • April 2014: Objection for tender with the claim that Durmazlar trams do not meet the criterias.
  • September 2014: Tram cars decided to be changed. Hyundai Rotem’s tram will be used.
  • Feb 2015: Engineering works started for Karsiyaka tram.
  • May 2015: Tram route changed. Trams will share road with cars.
  • Aug 2015: Tram route changed again. Frequent changes are criticized by Chamber of City Planning Engineers.
  • Oct 2015: First tram set of Izmir produced and unveiled.
  • Nov 2015: Engineering works started for Konak tram.
  • Feb 2016: Another revision for tram route.
  • Jan 2018: Construction of rails completed.
  • Feb 2018: Test runs started.
  • 24th Mar 2018: Konak tram is commissioned. It’ll run between 06-24. Tram will run every 15 minutes and is free during 45 days.
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