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Liberalization starts speeding up

Free access started two years ago and one year passed since first private trains started running.

As of now, one third of 28 millons of rail freight is being carried on private wagons, and 10% of it is carried by private train operators.

Though private train operators heated up the market, the competition has really not started yet. First two private train operators started business with their own goods. For others, there’s no alternative other than TCDD Tasimacilik yet. However, it seems that we won’t wait too long for this. A new private train operator is getting prepared for operation.

The fleet owners are following carefully the developments. As TCDD Tasimacilik started decreasing the discount for private wagons, they had revised their long term plans. As the train operator starts to provide service to any kind of load, a consolidation may be forced in this highly fragmented market. 

Another critical issue in liberalization is locomotive supply. Many train operator candidates are looking forward to seeing the enterance of loco lessors into the market, but yet not any. Railway Authority published a legislation which allows importing of second hand locos up to 10 years old, and one operator was about to sign a contract. However increasing exchange rates had stopped the talks. Supply of locos from Turkey seems more popular now, pointing out Tulomsas.

The first foreign investment was done in rolling stock manufacturing industry. US’s railway giant Greenbrier acquired Rayvag. 

The first foreign investment was done in rolling stock manufacturing industry. US’s railway giant Greenbrier acquired Rayvag. Rayvag was focused mainly on maintanance of freight wagons until now. After acquisition, the company may be upgraded to a manufacturing facility which can meet the increasing and changing demand of railway industry.

The liberalization of railway transportation is taking important steps despite the huge economic and politic agenda in Turkey.

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    • Thank you Denzil.. Yours too.. I’ll have a look, before next time I visit Belgium.

      It’s an option in customization/theme options.. check display featured image at all posts and pages.. it runs well on posts, but not pages..


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