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Second private train operator on rails

The first train of Turkey’s new train operator, Korfez Ulastirma, has recently departed.

Korfez Ulastirma, subsidiary of Tupras, started running its trains with 5 diesel locos and 491 tank wagons. Tank wagons are owned by Tupras and locos are rented from TCDD Tasimacilik. First train departed on 10th of December.

Korfez Ulastirma started fuel transportation between Tupras and Kirikkale. With its modern tank wagon fleet, maintanance facilities for locos and wagons, its maintanance team authorized as ECM, Korfez Ulastirma seems the most prepared company for liberalization.

As Ankara pass is still closed due to Baskentray project, Korfez Ulastirma runs its trains via Konya, through long and non-electified line. The company is expected to shift to short and electrified line next year.

Last year, 2 million tons of fuel was carried on rail in Turkey. Korfez Ulastirma has focused on this whole market and targets to carry 2.5 million tons annually.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. Do you have an estimated start time for the Ankara – Tblisi service please


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