918 - 2019 kolajRailway Infrastructure

What will happen in 2019?

HSTs will depart from Haydarpasa

The first opening ceremony about high speed trains will be in Istanbul. As Marmaray project is completed, the high speed trains will start departing from Haydarpasa and Halkali. The demand for HSTs is expected to boom as trains depart from city center of Istanbul. However the demand is already high for HSTs, most of the trains are sold out and not plan for extension of fleet in 2019.

The high speed train station of Konya is also expected to open in early 2019.

323 - Yerköy Yozgat Sivas yüksek hızlı tren hattı - Cengiz İnşaat
Photo : Cengiz Insaat

The biggest expectation about high speed trains is the opening of Ankara-Sivas HST line. Minister of Transport stated that the line will open by the end of 2019. Half of the laying of rails will be completed by March 2019. The construction of viaducts between Kayas and Kirikkale continue which seems the bottleneck of the project. Since the west part of the project comes from behind, partial opening is not expected.

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