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What will happen in 2019?

New passenger services

Many are looking forward to news of new passenger trains services, however most of them are not very certain as of now.

The most interesting “new” passenger service is undoubtfully Baku-Ankara train. This train is announced to start in 3rd quarter of 2019. It will run on recently opened Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line. The service will start with one set, thus is expected to run weekly.

776 - Bakü Treni - Onur
Photo: Onur Uysal

As soon as Samsun-Kalin railway opens, Samsun-Sivas regional train service is expected to start. The other trains that used to run on this line and is on the list of subsidized services are Samsun-Amasya, Amasya-Havza and Amasya-Hacibayram.

The destinations for some trains will change by opening of Marmaray. The HSTs departing from Pendik will start departing from Haydarpasa and Halkali. Adapazari Express is also expected to depart from Haydarpasa. The passenger train services in European side of Turkey, Kapikule, Uzunkopru regional trains and Sofia Express may depart from Sirkeci instead of Halkali.

It’s still uncertain if the 3 passenger services, which were decided to be subsidized by government in May, will start are not. Goller Express, the regional service which will run on Burdur-Isparta-Izmir route and Cukurova Express which will run on Ankara-Adana route are waiting for completion of engineering works on the lines, as stated. There is not any statement about the last train, 4 Eylul Mavi (Ankara-Malatya).

912 - Doğu Ekspresi - Jeff Hawken
Photo: Jeff Hawken

Another expectation is the start of Transasia train, as Van-Tebriz train recently started between Iran and Turkey. In the opening ceremony of Van-Tabriz train, positive messages were given about start of Transasia Express very soon, but no development since then.

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