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What will happen in 2019?

New metros for Istanbul

Marmaray is not the only opening about urban rail systems in Istanbul. However, it’s not very clear which metros will be commissioned this year. Here are the metro and tram projects expected to open in 2019:

603 - Mecidiyeköy Mahmutbey Metro - IBB
Photo : İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi
  • Bostanci-Dudullu metro. This is one of the first metros to open. Laying of rail continue. It was announced that Bostanci-IMES section will open as first phase.
  • Halic tram. It’s another project where laying of rails started. This is also expected to open before end of year.
  • Kabatas-Mahmutbey metro. This is expected to be one of the most important metro lines of Istanbul. Progress is quite fast in Mecidiyekoy-Tekstilkent section. Though it’s hard to open in 2019, test runs of this driverless metro system are expected to start before end of year.
  • Sabiha Gokcen metro. The mayor of Pendik announced an opening in October 2019 for extension of Kadikoy-Tavsantepe metro to Sabiha Gokcen. However construction works go slow, targets may not be achieved.
  • İstanbul Airport metro. The metro is announced to be commissioned by the end of 2019. Though construction works go fast, the opening is expected to be in 2020.
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