Urban Transport

Last status of metro and tram projects of Turkey

Narlıdere metro

This will extend İzmir’s current metro system by 7.2 km to Narlıdere, having the top priority of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. More than half of rail investment funds were allocated to this project (450 mn TRY). Tunnel works speeded up as first TBM started in May 2019. As of September 2020, 4500 meters of tunnel was digged.

Buca metro

This 13.5-km-long new metro line will connect current line to Buca. The project was accepted by Ministry last year, and €754 mn of fund was agreed to be provided by EBRD. The tender is announced in EBRD website. Deadline of tender is January 2021.

Çiğli tram

Tram service has become quite popular in İzmir. For the construction of 11-km-long 3rd tram line (Karşıyaka-Çiğli), applications accepted for pre-qualification. All 17 companies had passed this step. Within this month (October 2020), tenders for both construction and ail cars are planned to open. Service is expected to start in 2 years.

Karabağlar metro

This 28-km-long metro line will connect İzmir airport to Halkapınar via Karabağlar. In December 2019, 6 companies gave offer for project works of line. Final project is expected to be ready in 2020 and construction works to start in 2 years.

M4 Kızılay extension

Ankara Keçiören metro (M4) will reach from AKM statino to Kızılay via Ankara HST station. Project covers 3.3 km line and 3 new stations. Project is carried out by Ministry. 68% is completed as of September 2020.

Ankaray Söğütözü and Natayolu extensions

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality combines two extensions of Ankaray, 7.4-km-long Dikimevi-Natayolu and 0.8-km-long AŞTİ-Söğütözü extensions in one tender. The project covers also revision of existing line. Applications were accepted in 4th of June, 2020. 6 companies will be selected for the tender of preparing the project. Winner will prepare the proect in 8 months. Tender for construction will open based on that project.

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