Urban Transport

Last status of metro and tram projects of Turkey

Gaziantep suburban system (Gaziray)

The works were almost completed in 20 of 25 km long project. Total cost of project reaches to 2 bn TRY.

However, 5 km in the middle part of line, passing through city center, was decided to be taken into underground after works started. This part was redesigned again and started in October 2019. Deadline is October 2023.

€63 mn of fund was allocated by IKB for purchase of 8 sets to be used on this line.

Gaziray project


Antalya Varsaklı-Zerdalilik tram

First phase of this 25-km-long project was opened in March 2019, but was suspended to complete tests. Service restarted in August 2019.

2nd phase covers Otogar underpass and Otogar-Meltem stretch. Construction of this phase has been almost completed. Masts are ready, electric wires are being connected. Rails are laid until hospital. Construction of this part is aimed to be completed within this year.

Last phase of this project is replacing old single-track tram line with new one. Construction works has reached to start of this phase, to museum. In this phase, city center with narrower streets will be crossed.

Varsaklı-Zerdalilik tram

Eskişehir tram extensions

After opening of Main Hospital line last year, Estram focused on new lines (Main Hospital-75. Yıl, Opera-Yıldız and Opera-Otogar) this year. Construction is completed and test runs started in May.

Konya metro (Ministry)

Ministry of Transport started construction of Konya metro. First phase is 21-km-long with 22 stations, connecting Necmettin Erbakan university to city center (Meram). Tender was opened last year and CMC-Taşyapı was awarded. Works started early 2020 and project is planned to be completed in 4 years.

Bursa T2 tram

Using rail systems very densely, Municipality started a new tram line connecting bus terminal to rail network. Though 82% of the project was completed, due to rapidly changed exchange rates, contractor stopped works. Termination process of contract yet continues.

Gebze-Darıca metro (Ministry)

The project was started in 2018 and was taken over by Ministry of Transport in 2019. It starts at Darıca coast, connects Marmaray, Gebze city center, Gebze industrial complex and reachs to Mollefenari. The cost is expected to reach to 2.5 bn TRY. First 8 stations are planned to open in 2022. The whole project will be completed in May 2023.

The tender for rail cars was opened in 22nd of July 2020. Bozankaya and CRRC gave offer for 7 sets. Bozankaya gave the best offer with 350 mn TRY.

Mersin metro

13.4-km-long metro project will be constructed between Gar (main train station) and Mezitli with 11 stations. 15 sets will run on line. Tender was announced to prepare whole system. In 9th of October, 2020 pre-qualification process will be completed. Then offers will be requested from selected companies. Deadline for construction is 1260 days.

Afyon suburban system (Afray)

The current rail lines passing through the city is planned to upgrade and redesigned for suburban service. 1st phase is 8-km-long connecting ANS to Park Afyon. Tender was opened for preparing project of this phase in October 2019 and contract was signed in February 2020. Project works are planned to be completed in 180 days.

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