Urban Transport

Last status of metro and tram projects of Turkey

Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey-Esenyurt metro

This metro line is expected to be the most popular of all in Istanbul. First phase is expected to open in October 29, 2020. Opening delayed due to Covid-19 travel restrictions of Spanish test team.

The second phase connecting metro line to Beşiktaş (Mecidiyeköy-Kabataş extension) has lasted more than planned, due to archeological works in Besiktas station. This phase is expected to open in second half of 2021.

The 3rd phase, Mahmutbey-Esenyurt, where a tender was opened but not started, will be reevaluated together with another metro project.

Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro

Kabataş Mecidiyeköy Mahmutbey metro

Eminönü-Alibeyköy (Golden Horn) tram

This will be the most touristic rail line, following the Golden Horn coast. A part of the line (Balat-Ayvansaray) was reconstructed. Test runs will start in October. Service is planned to start on Cibali-Alibeykoy part by the end of this year.

The line was planned to start at Eminonü, 1 km from Cibali, which is not only a popular region, but has transport connections (Marmaray, ferry, T1 tram). That part needs reconstruction of Unkapanı junction. A tender was opened last year, cancelled. A new one is expected to open within this year.

Golden Horn tram

945 - Haliç Tramvay güzergahı
Golden Horn tram

Göztepe-Ümraniye metro

This metro line had started in 2017, but suspended in that year. Municipality found funds from EBRD and BSTDB (€175 mn) last year and project restarted. 2 TBMs started working in April. As of September, tunnel works had reached 15%. Another 2 TBMs will start working within this year. This line will connect 3 parallel rail lines in Asian side of Istanbul and go through İstanbul Finance Center under construction. It’s expected to start in mid 2022.

Göztepe-Ataşehir-Ümraniye metro

Göztepe Ümraniye metro

Bostancı-Dudullu metro

This is the second North-South line in Asian side, connecting 3 rail lines. Though 46% was completed by the end of 2018, funding problems and landslide delayed the project. Funding has been solved in 2020.

A ceremony was held in July 2020 due to restart of work. As of September, 66% has been completed. Rail cars are manufactured and delivered. This line is expected to start service next year (2021).

Bostancı-Dudullu metro

Bostancı Dudullu metro

Çekmeköy-Sultanbeyli metro

This is the extension of Üsküdar-Çekmeköy metro. A ceremony was held in November 2019, due to restart of the project after getting fund from Deutsche Bank. First 3 stations are expected to open in 2022.

This project also covers a cross line (Sarıgazi-Yenidoğan metro). However, the potential ridership is low, thus this part was suspended.

Çekmeköy-Sultanbeyli metro

Çekmeköy Sultanbeyli metro

Ataköy-İkitelli metro

%50 of this project was completed as of end of 2019. 1 km rail was laid. Municipality plans to open İkitelli-Bahariye part (2 km) in 2021. Target for complete opening is second half of 2022.

Tavşantepe-Tuzla metro

This line was started in 2017, but works could not start. With fund of €86 mn from AFD, project started and is expected to open in 2022.

Within this project, there’s a cross line connecting Pendik to Sabiha Gökçen metro extension. This will provide direct service between Sabiha Gökçen airport and Pendik HST terminal.

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