Railway Infrastructure

Signalization in Turkish railways 2021

The map is published showing signalization of Turkish railway in operation and under construction.

The signalization status of Turkish rail network is published with latest network statement. Here’s the last status of signalization, which is quite important in preventing train crashes, increasing speed and efficiency:

Several signalization works on Kapikule-Istanbul-Ankara route

Cerkezköy-Tekirdag-Kapikule-Uzunkoy railway lines

In European side, all railways in west of Cerkezkoy is signalized except Kirklareli connection. Cerkezkoy-Pehlivankoy-Kapikule railway which connects Turkey to Europe, Tekirdag-Muratli railway which connects Tekirdag and Asyaport to this line and Pehlivankoy-Uzunkoy railway which connects Greece are all managed via traffic management center via signals.

Halkali-Cerkezkoy railway line

Signalization works continue on Hakali-Cerkezkoy railway line, which connects Istanbul to Europe and is quite busy due to container trains. The number of container trains increased after Covid-19 forcing the capacity with current management system (TMI). When signalization works completed, the capacity will increase.

Signalization on Kapikule-Istanbul-Ankara railway lines – 2021

Halkali-Gebze railway line

CBTC is installed on 2 lines where Marmaray suburban trains work which provides high capacity allowing trains run closer. ETCS Level1 is installed on the third line where high speed, freight and other trains run.

Gebze-Eskisehir-Sincan railway lines

There are both high speed line and conventional line on this route. High speed trains temporarily use conventional line in some sections. ETCS Level1 is installed on HST line. CTC is installed on great portion of conventional line, being managed by traffic management center via signals. Remaining sections are currently managed by TMI, however signalization works continue.

Sincan-Kayas railway line

This multiple-track line crosses Ankara from one end to the other, being used by high speed, suburban, passenger and freight trains. The ETCS Level1 signalization works continue on this line.

What is CTC?

Centralized train control. Orders and operations are transmitted by signals. Drivers follow the confirmation to use the track via traffic lights. All operation is directed and followed via traffic management center.

What is ETCS Level1?

European train control system. The system where trains and tracks communicate with each other, speed limits can be determined specific to trains and drivers can get notices both via equipments in rolling stock and along track.

What is CBTC?

Communications-based train control. Radio signals are used in this system. Movement and speed of train is determined considering the safe stopping distance. The track capacity is maximized with this system.

Cover photo: TCDD Tasimacilik ©

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