Railway Infrastructure

Signalization in Turkish railways 2021

Target is high for Western Anatolia

Aliaga-Tepekoy railway line

Izban suburban trains are running on this double-track Aliaga-Tepekoy railway line. The line is also used by several passenger and freight trains. CTC is installed on this line. A better signalization system allowing suburban trains run more frequently was on the table, but not yet in the plans.

Eskisehir-Kutahya-Balikesir-Bandirma-Manisa railway line

Signalization works come to end on Eskisehir-Kutahya-Balikesir and Bandirma-Balikesir-Manisa railway lines. Last month, interlocking system in commissioned on Eskisehir-Kutahya-Balikesir railway line.

Manisa-Menemen railway line

There’s no signalization on Manisa-Menemen railway line, being managed by TMI. However there are safety equipments on enterance and exit of stations on this section. This section will be totally renewed as a part of Ankara-Izmir high speed line project, where ETCS will be installed.

Signalization on railway lines in Western Anatolia – 2021

Afyon-Isparta-Burdur-Denizli railway line

Signalization works continue on railway line connecting Afyon-Isparta-Burdur-Denizli. The signalization system being installed on this line has been developed by Turkish companies.

Polatli-Konya high speed line

ETCS Level2 is installed on Polatli-Konya high speed line. This system allows very high speeds which prevents following of signs and lights on tracks. This line is the only line in Turkey with ETCS Level2.

Torbali-Odemis-Tire railway line

Torbali-Odemis-Tire line is currently being managed by TMI. Electrification and signalization (ETCS Level1) is planned. The tender was opened, but engineering works have not started yet.

Tepekoy-Selcuk-Camlik railway line

Signalization system is being installed on Tepekoy-Selcuk-Camlik line. A part of the line from Tepekoy to Selcuk is also being used by Izban trains. The signalization system is developed by Turkish companies. Last April, signalization system was announced to be completed and test runs started, but this is not mentioned in the above map.

Manisa-Afyon-Alayunt-Konya railway lines

These two long railway lines, Manisa-Afyon and Alayunt-Afyon-Konya are currently managed by TMI. Renewal, electrification and signalization of these both lines are in investment plans.

What is CTC?

Centralized train control. Orders and operations are transmitted by signals. Drivers follow the confirmation to use the track via traffic lights. All operation is directed and followed via traffic management center.

What is ETCS Level2?

European train control system. In ETCS Level2, in addition to signalization system on tracks, communication is done via GSM system specific for rail (GSM-R). This is especially important in very high speeds, where driver may miss signals along tracks.

What is TMI?

Centralized management via phone. All staff involved in movement of trains communicate with traffic control center via phone and act based on orders taken from there. Lines managed with TMI means there’s no signalization.

What is mechanical signalization?

On tracks managed with TMI, mechanical systems may be used to increase safety. With this, go/stop orders can be seen visually on enterance and exit of stations.

Cover photo: TCDD Tasimacilik ©

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