More HST services and connections

Number of HST services increases from 26 to 36 as of today.

As situation gets better about pandemic, new HST services will begin to meet the increasing demand. Number of services increase from 26 to 36 beginning from today. New services are as follows:

First departure on Istanbul-Ankara route will be express service, calling only at Sogutlucesme, Pendik, Eskisehir and Ankara. The travel time drops down to 4:20 with this express service.

2 new bus connections start from Konya: Antalya and Alanya.

Considering the forthcoming regional fest, all HST tickets until 31th of July are now on sale.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. Hi! Thanks for an interesting blog about Turkish Railways in english! Continue blogging, people are happy to read you!

    How about HST to Sivas? Are they already in the timetable?

  2. Great news Onur. Hoping to one day get back to your beautiful country and do a heap of train travel.

  3. Hey Onur, what about international trains. Istanbuld to Bucharesti? Are they still out of order tue to Covid 19?


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