Main line options


All of the main line trains and some of the regional trains have coach cars with only seats. Coach cars are called “pulman” in Turkish.

This type coach cars have 60 seats, one seat in one side of aisle, two seats in other side. Double seats are sold gender specific unless they’re sold together. Last seats of the car is on reverse direction, with table in between.

Pulman vagon

Seats are reclining and comfortable, distance between two seats is quite enough. In general, it’s hard but possible to change the direction of the seats.

There is luggage space over seat, table in front.

A few of the carriages have electric plugs on sides.

In both sides of the car, there are WCs. There’s electric plug in WCs.


TCDD’s overnight trains have couchettes. 

Each compartment of couchette cars have 4 seats. During night, 4 beds replace seats.

Kuşetli vagon

Compartments are gender specific, unless reserved together.

Please note that here is not much space left for luggages.

Fare is TL 16.5 (€ 2.5) in addition to train fare (as of Sep 2018).

Trains with couchette cars are:


Some of the main line trains and international trains have sleepers. 

Yataklı vagon

Each sleeper cabin has two beds, washbasin, air conditioner and electric socket

The compartment has to be reserved once. If one passenger reserves, a surcharge is applied.

Fare for sleepers in domestic routes is TL 70-90 for single bed (€ 15-20), TL 50-60/person (€ 12-15) for double bed in addition to train fare (as of Jan 2018).

Trains with sleeper cars are (as of January 2018):