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It’s not easy to reach to information about trains in Turkey, especially in English. 

Thus we’d like to help you, and do our best to answer your questions.

Please keep in mind that we are not a call center working for TCDD Tasimacilik or any other operator, and we cannot help you for ticketing or reservation problems.

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  1. I’m travelling on the Yht train from Istanbul to Konya we 3 adults and 2 children wanted to know about baggage, what is the allowance


    • In high speed trains, 1 standard or 2 small size baggages are allowed per person.


  2. My uncle wants to know is there any rout (train ) he can take from van to antalia . he wants to come from Tabriz in iran to van in turkey by train and from there countinuie travelling to antalia in turkey .please let me know where and how he can get tickets.he wil travel with his wife and one child.


    • Yes, he can cross to Tatvan by ferry, travel to Ankara, and then to Konya by train. There’s connected bus service from Konya to Antalya. Please check arrival depurture times, where he may face long waiting time.


  3. You have said in the past that Sirkeci station Istanbul will be open ‘at the end of the year’. Are they still on that timeline? Or how much into 2019 will they need to go into to complete the track rebuild into the station?


    • Still the target is Jan 2019.You can see the counter on left side of home page of Rail Turkey.


  4. We are used to travelling in South-East Europe with Balkan Flexipass. Turkey is the last country that we have not visited.
    We have the following question.

    Could we buy Balkan Flexi Pass 2nd class in Turkey at international ticket counters?

    The second option for us is to come to Turkey from Bulgaria. We are aware of the train to Istanbul. But how to continue… Is Balkan Flexi Pass valid for the high-speed rail in Turkey? Do we need a seat reservation or supplementary ticket for a high-speed train?

    I was not able to find any information about Ankara-Tbilisi train. Is there a night train from Ankara to Tbilisi?

    Many thanks and greetings from the Czech Republic!


    • Hi.. Sirkeci in Istanbul is the right place to buy the pass. You can find more details about Sirkeci station at Rail Turkey. There’s no info in TCDD websites if they are valid or not in HSTs (here there’s mainly info for Turkish citizens travelling to other Balkan countries). Reservation is mandotary for main line trains, so if it’s valid in HSTs, reservation should be mandotary If it’s not valid, Eskisehir (by high speed train) or Bandirma (by ferry) are the closest stations to start travelling by pass. Ankara-Tblisi train will start in 2019 summer. Good luck, and pls let us know about your experience.


  5. Hello…We would like to visit Istanbul and then travel to Bucharest by sleeper train, in September 2019. When will Turkish railways have online bookings available ? As we cannot ttravel to Istanbul without tickets in case train is full.
    I notice people say train is empty, but it is empty, because online booking not available !!


    • Unfortunately, online booking has never been possible for international trains. And I don’t think it will soon.. Be careful about dates, because Bucharest train is running only during summer (generally till end of September). Yes it is easy to find ticket for that train..


    • For the couchette, you need a reservation. I do not know how it is in case of IST-BUCH train, but most of the European trains reservations could be booked in national agencies/railway undertakings.

      I had this problem for one international train to Romania, we bought the bed reservation in advance and the tickets in the day of travel. If you are no Balkan citizen, you can do the same and buy Balkan Flexi Pass on the day of departure.


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