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  1. Hi, can you help! We are hoping to travel from KAYSERI to ANKARA on 10 August, departing 00.29. We cannot find the train on the TCDD website. In fact, there are no trains scheduled after 1 August. Do you know if these trains are running at all?
    Thank you.

  2. Do you know the schedule (times, days of the week) for the upcoming Ankara to Baku / Baku to Ankara route, or when the schedule will be available?

  3. Hi, I’m going to travel from Istanbul to Sofia by night train. Is it possible to carry a bike on this train ?

  4. Hello there,
    We’re trying to reserve a high speed train from Istanbul Pendik to Konya for next Sunday 21st from Spain but are having a good deal of difficulty, with the strange website.
    Should we wait until in Istanbul and organise it with the hotel reception?

    • It’s not that much friendly, but any specific problem?? Trains are very full in general. And when a train is full, it’s not displayed.

  5. Hi, I’m going to travel from Denizli to Selcuk in the morning. Where can I leave my luggage?? Because I wanna go to Ephesus and gonna comeback take the train to Izmir in the evening

    • Tcdd tries to extend safe boxes. So check first at station. If not, there’s one safe room at main bus station, walking distance to train station.

  6. Merhaba
    I lost a yellow bag in the train coming from Eskisehir to Istanbul the last 26 july. How can I found it , how can I contact the station . Thank you.

    • If it’s found, it should be at the last station in Istanbul (Halkali or Sogutlucesme depending on your train). I’d suggest directly going there. Call center (444 82 33) helps in English, if you are in Turkey. WhatsApp (+90 (507) 321 82 33) is the best solution if you are out of Turkey.

    • Thank you Onur for your answer. the whatsapp number does not work. I tried when I was in Turkey but nothing.

  7. Would like to travel during the winter/spring months from Turkey to Bucharest. I understand that one train line works only in Summer until early Autumn. Any ideas ? Thanks

  8. I am trying to by a train ticket from denizli to selçuk following week but i am not able from the principal webpage, it seems there is never a date available. Where can i buy a ticket in advanced?
    Thank u!

  9. Could you tell me which bus I need to get to the Aydin train station from the Aydin bus station please? Thank you.

  10. Can I buy IstambulKard in Halkali train station with credit card? Or can I change money there because I´m coming from Sofia by train? Thanks

  11. Hello

    My child is 6 years old, but I want to buy a seat for him. May I buy discounted ticket for 7-12 years old child?

    Thank you

    • Will there be no problem during ticket check because child is actually younger than the ticket?

    • Well, I’m not a Tcdd staff. However, it would be weird if anyone objects. The rule for 0-6 is free unless a seat is requested. So if seat requested, it should be same with 6-12.

    • Thank you. Yes this is obvious, but to be sure can I confirm this somehow from some official staff?

  12. Salam, I booked my return train tickets via tcdd website. Payment has gone through but i havent recieved any email or reservation number. How can i contact the company via phone from UK. Please help?

    • Hello. I have the exact same problem. Have you figured it out, Mr. Shahzad? I cannot find a WhatsApp number either.

  13. Hello, I would like to travel by train from Ankara to Tehran. If the train from Ankara to Tatvan is late, will the next train (Van to Tehran) wait?

    • If you buy Ankara Tehran ticket (Transasia Express) there’s no such risk. If you go first with Vangolu to Tatvan, you’ll be there long before next train to Tehran.

  14. Checking in again… Do you know the schedule (times, days of the week) for the upcoming Ankara to Baku / Baku to Ankara route, or when the schedule will be available?

  15. Are there more than 1 railwaystation in Konya. When I try to order a ticket from Adana to Konya, it is only possible to order when I write Konya. When I write Konya YHT I am denied.

  16. I want to take the Bosphor Express from Istanbul to Bucharest, would the Balkan Flexipass be valid on this route?

  17. Will Sirkeci Station ever be open to trains again? Is there any estimate on when it will open?

  18. Can we take bikes on the train from Istanbul to Sofia? If so, is it extra charge? Do I understand that we buy tickets at Sirkesi but depart from another station? How do we get there? We will habe lots of stuff and bikes.

    • Unfortunately, bikes not accepted, if there’s no luggage car. Check at station again. You can buy ticket at Sirkeci or Halkali. Marmaray suburban trains run in between. Also there’s free shuttle.

  19. do trains permit dog on board? we are planning to go from ankara to tehran

  20. How to take bus from İstanbul new airport to holiday inn old city?

  21. I shall go from Ankara to Kars with Dogu Eks in a sleeping car. Are there blankets and sheets in the sleeping dome.

  22. Hi I unfortunately have to abandon plans for my return train trip on the Dogu express and then the Bosfor from Istanbul to Bucharest. I have tickets and reservations for both, for two weeks time. I’m now in Georgia- so unable to go to a Turkish station. How can I get a refund – one of the tickets was bought online and the other is physical and bought at Ankare Gar? Thanks

  23. Train will arrive in Halkali station. I remember one time when I came (Sofia-Istanbul Halkali) most of the train passengers when we arrived in Halkali, went to a bus which I think went to Marmaray station? Is it included in price to get to that bus?

  24. Can you tell me whether bosphorusexpress to bucharest Romania is still working? I mean will it go to bucharest tonight at 21:40?

  25. Hi, we want to travel from ankara to tbilissi. Is there a direct train between ankara and tbilissi, or it’s only possible to travel to kars (bcs the connection is still closed?). And it’s still possible to travel in sleeping cars with the classic dogu express?
    Thx for your help,br simon

    • No train sevice further Kars. Tur-Geo connection works only for freight. Classic Dogu has only seats and couchettes, not sleepers.

  26. We want to take the Eastern Express from Ankara to Kars in May of this year. Can we book the tickets online, we will need a sleeper. It seems difficult to find any site where I can actually book this. Thank you.

  27. Günaydin,

    First thank you very much for your excellent website, it is very clear and I check it a lot and recommend it to everybody that asks me about trains in Turkey (which happens quite a lot actually).

    In May I am going to Iran again and I had planned to take the train from Dimitrovgrad to Halkalı, then to Ankara and then the Transasya ekspres, all in one day. The train from Dimitrovgrad arrives in Halkalı at 0510 but it is usually late, so the train from Halkalı 0600 to Ankara I might miss. The next one leaves from Pendik and arrives in Ankara at 1415, only 10 minutes before the train to Teheran leaves, which would be ok if the train is punctual, and it usually is more or less, but do you know if they would stop the Transasya for a few minutes in case it’s not? I mean: is there some rule for connection between this kind of trains? I know that the other way round, the YHT never waits normal ekspresler… (I found out the hard way haha)

    Can’t wait until Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa reopen… It would make everything a lot easier.

    İskender Gomme

    • Hi Iskender. Many thanks for kind words. First of all, train is stopped due to covit-19. Check before starting trip. Transasia will not wait for HST, and 10 min delay will not be surprising. Between ramp of HST and Transasia, you may need 5+ minutes. And unfortunately, HSTs are too full to buy in last minute.

    • Cevabı için teşekürler. I canceled my visit and hope to go end of september or october… (Here we are confined completely anyway)

  28. Hi ,I’m looking to send my cargo to Iran , the consingment is on truck now on bendik custom , how I’m able to book a cargo wagon.

  29. Hi, I am looking to travel from Bucharest to Sofia with the Bosphor Express, is it possible to buy a ticket in Bucharest? And where can I find the prices in advance?

  30. I know I need my passport to travel on inter-city trains in Turkey. With the corona-virus are there any oher requirements; for example do I need an HES code.

    Please note I am a UK national and resident in the UK

    Thank you.

    • Yes, you’ll need hes code for any public travel. Nothing else. Just note that many trains are not running yet.

    • Onur,

      Thank you very much for your help. I’ll try and work it all out now


  31. Hi. Thanks for your information. I wanna buy tickets for Ankara – Kars, and is imposible to do it. Do you know if its ready? Where can i looking for this information?

  32. When is estimated to reopen Touristic Dogu express railway? we are planning to visit Turkey from 8-23 of August? Thanks in advance


  34. Hello,
    Does any train from Sofia to Istanbul go or is it still suspended?

  35. Can you travel with pet dog on the trains? Can you take extra luggage on the train? We are moving from Canada to Turkey for work. So we are planning to fly to Istanbul then take the train to Ankara. We will have 2 to 3 large suite cases per person.

  36. I need to travel from Batumi to Istanbul. The web said the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line was opening Aug 2019 but I cant find anything. Did it open and where can I buy a ticket? Thanks

    • I have to go to Istanbul from Batumi also, but to get to the train in Kars I cant find any buses once I cross the Turkish border if I take a bus from Batumi to border whatever bus that is.

  37. Plz tell me what is the fare of Dogu train from Ankara to kars for two person

  38. Hi there

    i will like to buy a ticket to Ankara tomorrow by Train high speed
    Could you please help me ?

  39. Hello,

    Has there been any indication of when trains will resume after COVID disruptions?


  40. hi are trains resuming now to go from adana to mersin and which rail statiomis near to Senbayrak city hotel

  41. Good afternoon! Could you help with with the question below? I am a foreign citizen and I have foreign ID (international passport) which has expired on date. I have to travel from Istanbul to Ankara to the embassy to change the passport. Can I use HST system and just buy ticket using my HES code? Thank you in advance!

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