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High speed train projects slow down

Although high speed train projects have a considerable share from 2017 railway investment budget of TL 8 bn (over € 2 bn), the development will be far behind the targets.

Except the projects in preliminary analysis phase, there are 7 high speed train projects in investment plans. These 7 projects are worth TL 40 bn (over € 10 bn), but only TL 1.6 bn is allocated for this year.

Here below are the last statuses of these projects:

high speed train 2017 budget

Ankara-Istanbul high speed train line

Although high speed trains had already started working on this line, the construction works have not been completed yet. The service is temporarily being done on conventional lines during this time. TL 800 mn is allocated this year for the remaining stretches. This line needs TL 3 bn more.

Ankara-Sivas high speed train line

TL 350 mn is allocated this year for Ankara-Sivas high speed train line, and needs TL 5 bn more.

Bandırma-Bursa-Osmaneli high speed train line

Bandırma-Bursa-Osmaneli high speed train line has TL 140 mn budget this year. Project needs TL 540 mn more.

Ankara-İzmir high speed train line

TL 250 mn is allocated for Ankara-İzmir high speed train line. By the end of this year, the project will reach to a completion rate of 17%, and will need TL 4 bn more to be completed.

Other high speed train lines

There are 3 other high speed train projects which has not started yet: Sivas-Erzincan (extension of Ankara-Sivas towards east), Halkalı-Kapıkule (connecting Istanbul to Bulgaria) and Yerköy-Kayseri (extension of Ankara-Sivas line towards south). Symbolic amounts are allocated this year for these projects. These 3 projects worth TL 10 bn in total. Kapıkule-Halkalı high speed line is expected to be funded by EU.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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