858 - Kentlerimizde raylı sistemler araştırması 2018Urban Transport

The rail usage in Turkish cities – 2018

Highest ridership per ciziten

In first two researchs, we took into account the population of whole province. Starting with this year, we started to use the population of the city only. With this new methodology, the averages per citizen has increased for cities like Izmit, Samsun where a considerable population lives out of city. Click to see how we calculated the city populations.

Izmir is on the top of the list with 71.5 travels per ciziten. Eskisehir comes right after with 55.3 travels.

Here below is the list of travel by urban rail per citizen:

Raylı sistem kullanımı

Rail system usage

Last place belongs to Adana with 5 travel/ciziten. Although a great portion of the population of province lives in Adana city, rail usage is unfortunately is not wide enough.

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  1. Thank you for all the information. I read that Adaray in Adapazarı has been suspended recently, so there the network length and usage decreased. Is it going to be reactivated? Is the suspension due to the connection to Karasu port that was listed as a project earlier (https://railturkey.org/2016/04/15/which-projects-will-not-be-commissioned-this-year/)?
    You write about Gaziantep and Kayseri getting suburban railway systems. What about Balıkesir? In 2015 you wrote that the municipality wants to have it finished by 2018 (https://railturkey.org/2015/12/26/suburban-service-project-for-balikesir/). Has there been any progress made here?


    • The electrification around Balikesir is completed, thus a suburban train on one track may start soon. An agreement was signed between municipality and TCDD in late 2017. Stations have to be built. It may take 1-2 years. No official decleration was made until now about reason of suspension and plans for future.


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