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How will HST projects progress in 2019?

“High speed train projects” is one of the topics shown interest most in 2019 investments plans.

TL 2.8 bn will be spent this year for HST projects. This is far below last year’s budget, but continues to have an important share:

Investment for HST projects (bn TL)

More than one third of HST investment is for Ankara-Sivas HST project. 106 HST set project, which is planned to be technologly transfer, gets a considerable budget as well:

Distribution of HST invetment in 2019

Here below are the last status of HST projects based on 2019 investment plans:

Ankara-Sivas HST line

Ankara-Sivas HST line progress

Ankara-Sivas HST line has the biggest budget among all HST projects this year: TL 1 bn. The project is expected to cost TL 13 bn, thus there’ll be TL 5 bn of work in following years. Ankara-Kirikkale section falls behind, thus a partial opening does not seem possible. It’ll be not easy to finish it in 2020.

Ankara-Sivas HST line scope, route and history

Ankara-Izmir HST line

Ankara-Izmir HST line progress

Budget is TL 100 mn, which means there’ll be no considerable progress in this TL-6.5-bn-worth project.

Ankara-İzmir HST line scope, route and history

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