Turkish trucks on way to Gotthard Tunnel

The rail tunnel opened recently connecting Italy to Central and North Europe under the Alpines will now be used also by Turkish trucks.

Although biggest portion of the freight traffic between Italy and Germany/Benelux is handled by trains (66%), still about 1 millions of trucks pass through the Alpines. In order to shift this trucks to train, there has been some investments, most important of which is Gotthard Tunnel. The tunnel was commissioned by 1st of June. More trains can now run under Alpines in a faster speed. Tunnel now allows trailer trains as well.

The new Swiss Gotthard base tunnel will open June 1st, 2016

Turkish trucks have an important share in north-south corridor. But they are using only the trains passing through Austria. Now, they can also use the trains going through Gotthard Tunnel.

Turkish exports get on train at Trieste

UN Ro-Ro, the Ro-Ro operator having service between Turkey and Italy, introduced two new train services between Trieste and Milano as below:

Train Service Frequency Carries Connections
Trieste-Novara 3 trains in each direction per week Container, cranable trailer, swapbody Duisburg, Köln, Ludwigshafen, Rotterdam, Venlo, Zeebrugge, Basel
Trieste-Melzo 2 trains in each direction per week Container Rotterdam, Köln, Ludwigshafen, Zeebrugge

Click for the details and prices of train services.

Cover Photo: Hupac

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