623 - Konya Garı - OnurPassenger

Every one of four traveled fast

In 2015, Every one of four train passengers prefered high speed trains in Turkey.

After losing one third of the passengers in 2012 by suspending all passenger services from Istanbul, TCDD now tries to get them back by high speed trains.

Ridership in conventional trains hasn’t changed much since 2012, around 17-18 mn. Ridership in high speed trains, on the other hand, went up year, doubled in last 5 years and came close to 6 mn in 2015.

Tren Yolcu Sayısı 2011-2015

In 2011 every one of ten passengers had travelled by high speed trains, where 25% of passengers used high speed trains in 2015. Every one of four passengers traveled by HSTs in 2015.

Hızlı Tren Yolcu Oranı 2011-2015

While conventional services become less and less every day, high speed train passengers will continue to increase with new HST sets taken into operation and new high speed lines opened (Konya-Karaman and Ankara-Sivas) within a few years.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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