787 - Tülomsaş - Eskişehir Ticaret OdasıRolling Stock

Site for HST production addressed

The place of production site of 76 of 96 HSTs is announced.

The tender which is going to be held in January forces local production of 76 HSTs. Thus, the winner of the tender is going to build a new plant for production of these sets at Eskisehir, addressed by subsidiary of TCDD, Tülomsaş.

As localization ratio is min 53% in 60 sets and 74% for 16 sets, the production site should be more than an assembly site.

Know-how transfer is an important criteria in the tender. The winner will not be selected based on only price, but also quality and technology.

The production site is going to be given to Tülomsaş free of charge at the end.

Cover Photo: Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce ©


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