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Tender for 96 HSTs in January

TCDD’s high speed train tender has finally announced as January 2018.While TCDD is facing with shortage of high speed train sets and new HST lines are on way, the big tender for new train sets has just been announced.

The tender, which is going to be held in January, will meet Turkey’s both short-term and long-term needs for high speed train sets. Deliveries will start on 22nd month. All 96 sets will be delivered in 6 years.

According to tender terms, first 20 sets shall be produced with a localization ratio of 10%. Next 60 train sets shall be produced in a site in Turkey with a localization ratio of 53%. The remaining 16 sets will be National HST, which will be produced by Tülomsaş under the supervision of the winner of tender. Localization ratio shall be 74% for these National HSTs.

The terms include built of a new plant in Turkey, know-how transfer and transfer of this plant with all machines and equipment inside to Tülomsaş at the end free of charge, thus it may be not easy for every player to attend this tender.

Cover Photo: TCDD ©

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