630 - Trailer train by Un RoroRail Freight

Every one of three ro-ro loads used train

Every one of three Turkey-Trieste loads (container, semi-trailer, truck) of Un Ro-Ro got on train.

As reported in UN Ro-Ro’s 2015 annual report, both the number of units carried by ro-ro and the train usage after/before ro-ro has increased regularly in last three years.

Ro-ro ile taşınan yük

In 2015, both the total number of units carried by ro-ro and the units carried by train has increased by 5%. Last year, 55 512 of 184 493 units carried by train.

Trieste trenleriyle taşınan yük

In 2008, the intermodal route (ro-ro + train) between Europe and Turkey in cooperation with UN Ro-Ro and Ekol Logistics had started and has developed very fast since then.

More than 150k units (container, semi-trailer, truck) are being carried by train every year between Trieste and several destinations in Europe.

Cover Photo: UN Ro-Ro ©


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