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8 touristic attractions in Turkey you can discover by train

Here are 8 historical or natural beauties of Anatolia that you can travel to by trains:


The ancient city at the coast of Ionia is 3 km from Selcuk train station. There are direct train services from Izmir and Denizli. There are connections to many cities from Izmir.

How to get to Ephesus by train?


With exceptional natural wonders, fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage, it’s one of the most important touristic attractions of Anatolia. Closest train station is one hour away at Kayseri.

How to get to Cappadocia by train?


The natural wonder with hot springs and travertines. 20 min away by minibus from Denizli train station.

How to get to Pamukkale by train?


One of the most magnificent cities of Hellenistic period. There’s a bus service from Aliağa train station.

Seb-i Arus ceremonies

The ceremonies held every year in Mevlana’s death anniversary at Konya. There are high speed train services from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmit, Eskisehir to Konya. There are also main line services from Izmir and Adana.


Catalhoyuk is one of the first cities on earth. There are train services calling at Cumra station, which is very close to Catalhoyuk. There are train services from Adana and Konya to Cumra.

How to get to Catalhoyuk by train?

Ani Ruins

The medieval Armenian city located at Kars province. It’s in UNESCO World Heritage list. Turkey’s most popular overnight train, Dogu Express, is running between Ankara and Kars.

How to get to Ani Ruins by train?

Akhtamar Church

The church is at Akhtamar Island on Van Lake. It’s in UNESCO World Heritage list. Closest station is Tatvan. You can reach Akhtamar Church by bus and boat from Tatvan.

How to get to Akhtamar Church by train?

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  1. Have visited many of these places in the last 14 years mostly on overnight sleeper trains
    which was fantastic. Trip from Ankara to Kars, Istanbul – Konya, Istanbul – Denizli and Izmir, Adana to Ankara. Al really worth trying. Hope to be able to travel to Baku in future.

    • Brother kindly tell me ticket price of train from Istanbul to antalya..

  2. More of this sort of thing please! It’s really useful to understand the transport connections to some of Turkey’s incredible tourist attractions. From abroad, it’s very hard to find this information so pages like these are very helpful. Thanks!

    • Thanks. We are keeping our eyes on what’s needed. So any feedback is helpful. We’ll be glad if you can help so that this reaches to people who need. 🙂

  3. Fantastic information Onur. UK train traveller is right, hard to get good info about passenger services in Turkey, especially if one does not speak Turkish (which alas I don’t!) You are doing a terrific job providing this excellent, easy to understand guide to what is available and how to get to places. Many thanks!

    • No direct train. Ist-Kon train + bus connection may help. Check train and bus details at trains section.


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