100 k visits in July

Rail Turkey has broken another record by being visited 108 000 times in July.

Rail Turkey has grown by 26% last month, 50% in last 3 months, 100% in one year.


Business Opportunities

We are getting a lot of mails from Turkish and foreign companies offering their products/services or seeking for cooperation in Turkey.

What we know is limited with what they’ve written on mail in most of the cases, since we didn’t dig it. However that product/service may mean a lot for anyone else.

So we decided to share these offers with Rail Turkey supporters.

Business Opportunities

A company is looking for 100 second-hand pocket wagons. (more…)

Inquiry for pocket wagons

A European company requests consulting about supply of railcar parts in Turkey. (more…)

Consulting for railcar parts

What’s hot

“THE VERY”s of Turkey

“THE VERY”s of railway in Turkey

Biggest rolling stock fleets, intermodal services, rail connected ports..

Best rail freight terminals..

Top companies using railway

Best urban rail solutions..

Steepest gradients, busiest lines..

“THE VERY”s of railway in Turkey


The liberalization started in practice with the split of TCDD into two as railway and train operators. The process has speeded up with the interesting steps within first three months of this year.

While global companies are looking for ways to enter Turkish market, Turkey’s leading logistics service providers are getting prepared to run first private locos before this year ends.

TCDD Tasimacilik’s step of renting its locos and freight wagons may speed up the liberalization much faster than expected.

Posts about liberalization

Travel by Train

High speed trains with speed upto 250 km/h, main lines going through places otherwise you’ll never see, overnight trains crossing all over Turkey while you are sleeping in comfort..

Train routes, costs, details, travel rules, timetables, stations, station timetables, access to stations, stories of train travellers, touristic routes..

Everything you want to know about travel by train in Turkey..

Rail Turkey Travel

Metros and Trams

Turkey’s mega cities with heavy traffic problems introduce metro/tram solutions one after the other..

Istanbul and many other cities are now discussing metro, tram, suburban and monorail systems.. Some already commissioned, some under construction, some on paper..

Hot news, comparisons and project details of Turkey’s all metro and tram systems are at Rail Turkey

Metro and tram system of Turkey

Railway Library

Searching anything about Turkish railways?

Searching any title or subject in Rail Turkey?

Could not find the meaning of a railway term?

Want to access documents about pricing, discount, changes on domestic and international tariff?

Need statistics, reports about railway?

Fast and easy access to anything you are looking for about Turkish railways is at Rail Turkey Railway Library

Railway Library

Carreer in Railways

Turkish railways is getting prepared for a big and rapid change..

New train operators, new fleet owners and maintanance services, new terminal operators, new specialists to manage all this new logistics movement..

Railway industry has already started to build up their teams for this critical turn.

Either being a new-graduated on railway or an senior specialist with lots of experience. We’d like to bring you together with the companies searching for you. Respecting your preferences and confidentiality, easily and quickly..

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